It’s almost the end of May, and the village of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains is looking its best. Tourists are enjoying the colourful foliage in Wentworth Street.

Even the shaded little maple tree growing above the satin bowerbird’s lair is changing colour. What a fantastic location that fellow chose.

Those leaves are a nice addition to my bower.

He thinks it might be the right time to invite a certain lady to dinner. A last fling before winter cools the air, so to speak. As to the menu, well what about shredded chicken breast as a main? Tinned of course and well past the use-by, but never mind. Uber Eats hasn’t made it to Blackheath yet.

Sure to impress!

A bit more work on the floor might be a good idea. It’s quite an open weave carpet. Stolen yellow feathers from the crest of a cockatoo are pretty stylish with the prevailing blue.. Don’t worry, that giant white vandal of the skies still has plenty left.

Yes, blue plastic, but organic material as well.
Looking great, despite the loss of a few crown jewels.

A bit of spittle is required to clean a mark off a wall.

So did the chosen lady turn up for her special evening? She certainly did! And after being presented with a stunning bouquet she stepped straight into the boudoir…. even before an aperitif or a canape. Good grief; that is what a dashingly handsome chap can achieve without even trying. The violet eye has it!

Colour co-ordinated posy.

It would be best to draw the curtain now. Let’s simply say that after a MOST romantic interlude, there was a fond farewell.

What is the moral of this story? Very good question. For one thing, there was no need for our hero to use crappy old tinned food in an effort impress a maiden. Just turf it out mate!

Waiting for the garbo. At least it can be recycled.

Yes, autumn is just as life enhancing in the world of satin bowerbirds as spring, especially under a canopy of Japanese maple.

  1. Hi Pauline

    Just a note to say I do so much enjoy your stories, yarns, photos! Keep them coming.


  2. Love the colorful photos and especially the “narration” that goes with them. I join Peter in saying, “Keep them coming!”

    • Pauline

      Thanks Diane. People like you make it all worthwhile!

  3. this is always destroying my comments saying i took to long which is ridiculous.

    • Pauline

      Oh dear Sally, that is terrible. Well at least this one worked.

  4. You have unknowingly captured one of the least known but most interesting aspects of the bowerbird’s behaviour. That spittle might not be in pursuit of spotlessness – the Satin Bowerbird uses saliva, often mixed with chewed berries, charcoal, etc. to paint the walls of his bower. Sometimes he uses a lump of moss as a paintbrush.

    • Pauline

      Yes, I was only joking about the bowerbird cleaning. I have been observing this fellow for over a year. Haven’t spotted him using moss to paint with yet though.

  5. What a hussy that chosen female sounds. She didn’t need a second asking before going to his bed!

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