We ‘twitchers’  often see birds at dawn or  late in the day, in silhouette against the sky. Here in the Blue Mountains of NSW they are balm to my soul.

In a world that is increasingly full of stress and strife, chuckling kookaburras herald the new day with reassuring optimism.

Kookaburra couple in gum tree
Kooka couple

If you hear a gentle clucking early in the morning it’s likely to be courting Australian wood ducks. They nest in tree hollows. The female on the right looks rather underwhelmed.

Wood ducks in silhouette.
Don’t turn your back my darling!

Here is a currawong providing the final meal of the day for its hungry chick.

Currawong chick being fed
OK, that’s your lot!

A bit later and the chick was becoming independent.  Mind you, I’m not sure how confident he felt after venturing along this dead branch;

Currawong in silhouette
Out on a limb.

Sulphur crested cockatoos  sit in silhouette above Mosman Bay on Sydney’s north shore. No doubt they were contemplating their good fortune in living in such a delightful place. Or were they dreaming up more mischief for the morrow?

Cockatoos at dusk
Watching over the Bay

Black cockatoo feasting in the pine tree. Don’t stand underneath or you may be knocked out cold by a dropped, rock hard cone.

Yellow railed cockatoo
Ripping into pinecones in the Blue Mountains

The Halloween kookaburra, spooky eh?

Halloween Kookaburra
A certain mystical aura.

Below is a little New Holland Honeyeater on a  favourite perch in a hakea. See the nuts?

New Holland Honeyeater in the hakea.
A favourite perch.

This even tinier bird is a silvereye. It was feeding on the highest bloom of a rhododendron tree. Sorry, couldn’t resist replacing his eye!

Silvereeye silhouette in a rhodo bloom.
What a sweetie.

Not exactly a silhouette, but there is something very appealing about a bird on a wire. It’s a bit of a miracle to see a grey fantail at rest.

Bird on a wire....fantail.
Grey fantail on the telephne line.

This delightful silhouette image of lovebirds is by Rob Baker. A perfect finale thanks Rob.

Love on a limb.

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