Mid February, and in my  Blackheath garden the banksia serratas are in bloom. They are loved by all the honeyeaters, but especially Wattlebirds and Eastern Spinebills.

Wattle bird on banksia
A banksia nectar breakfast.
Eastern spinebill feeding on banksia serrata.
So sweet.

Bees are visiting the native lilly-pilly flowers on the bush outside Slurps café, in Wentworth Street. I know there must be lots of people with hives in their gardens, but does anyone sell local honey? And where can I buy lilly-pilly jam or jelly?

Lilly Pilly

The funny little house beside the police station has become ‘Apple Cottage’.   Despite the onslaught of parrots and cockatoos there are lots ripening on the roof, the trellis, and around the side door.

Apples around the door
Rooftop apples.
Solar apples.
Apple trellis
The fruit heavy trellis

I have already harvested my own small crop of Bramley apples.

Stewed Bramley apples.
Stewed apples for my breakfast.

In Govett’s Leap Road the old Spanish chestnut tree near Glenella is loaded with nuts overhanging the footpath.  I was so excited when I first saw these…but so were the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. They  return every year for a  summer feast, wretched things….denying me an autumn treat.

Spanish chestnuts.
None of these chestnuts will ever be roasted.

Gardner’s Crescent has a wonderful oak-leafed hydrangea growing on the nature strip. Such subtle, late summer shades.

Oak leafed hydrangea

Back home, the male Golden Whistler has returned. A tiny thornbill lets him bathe first….very wise I’d say..

Golden Whistler
You go first, big boy.

The male Satin Bowerbird can finally relax after a very long season of bower maintenance and courting,

Male satin bowerbird
This is the life…..!

My first windflower  bloomed this morning, virtually the last flowers of summer in my garden, along with salvia.

Japanese windflower
Blue salvia
Blue salvia to steal the heart

There are still roses in bloom, which I love to pick.

These last weeks of warmth are to be treasured. Soon, daylight saving will end, there will be  a Mountain chill in the air, and I’ll be lighting the first fire of the season.

Wood stove
  1. Love your stories and beautiful photos. Nature is wonderful!

    • Pauline

      Thanks Pat. Yes, since I bought my little pocket camera I really appreciate the beauty around me.

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