We are building a new house at Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains. Our painter Rebecca arrives every morning in her beautifully restored VW van. Unfortunately it has led to confusion and frustration for our resident Wonga pigeon.

Oh my word, what a divine creature. I feel a strange rapport!

A Wonga falls in love.

Yes, Mr Wonga has his eye on someone!

Hmmm…..but where exactly is she?

I’ll see if I can find her.

One day this week it was nearly dark after a wet, miserable day, but there he was…..still yearning!

My Wonga in love....with himself!

Please come up to my loving seat, sweetheart. We could make beautiful Wonga music together!

Mr Wonga on his love seat.

I think he has more baby wongas in mind. The babies shown below are from an earlier relationship.

Wonga chicks in nest.
Bright eyed chickies

But inevitably, Rebecca packs up her rollers and brushes and hops in her van. At 4.30 every day, the mysterious object of desire goes away.

UPDATE – Well, the situation did not improve. Mr Wonga was obsessed and it all became rather sad . My partner said he could not bear to see a fellow male in such a state. Yesterday he took matters into his own hands;


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