I’m pretty sure these old tweed pants are the most ancient piece of clothing I own and still wear. I bought them at Bloomingdales on a visit to New York about twenty five years ago. I was delighted, because they were only size 4. Mind you, this was before I knew that US sizing was quite different to Australia! Anyway, my ignorance gave me licence to eat huge quantities of hashbrowns, bagels, and hotdogs.

Every time I wear them I think of that wonderful city. When I lived in sub-tropical Sydney I didn’t have as many occasions to bring them out, but up here in a chilly Blue Mountains winter they are great, especially as they are lined.. By the way, the faux fur hat I’m wearing in the following photo is old too, cost me two quid in a Paris street market circa 1996.

Pauline Conolly

My darling husband Rob is building our house and has been wearing this warm, fleecy shirt/jacket for several years. Sadly, he is unable to find another one just like it. You can see that I managed to prolong its life by cobbling together serious rips and tears on the right hand side. I’m afraid the left hand side has defeated my lowly stitching talents. Just quietly, I would miss it myself, because it’s very huggable.

Old, but too special to throw away.

This 1960s quilt was on Rob’s single bed at his late mother Jean’s house when I first met him in 1973. Jean made it herself, so it is doubly special. Oh my, how iconic is that orange, paisley design? I confess I had a tent dress in very similar fabric. The quilt has become a little comfort blanket on my side of the bed. My associate Editor Des loves it too, especially when he is feeling a bit poorly, Nearly 50 years later it may be old and threadbare, but I just can’t throw it away.

Old and threadbare, but still cosy for a poorly bear.

Speaking of Editor Des, he is so emotionally attached to that green and gold jumper he is wearing. Its first outing was to the year 2000 Sydney Olympics. What a struggle I had getting him to take it off for a photo.


Originally, being a sophisticated fellow, he rebelled against having the name Teddy on the front. However, he got used to it after a while. The only time it’s a problem is when he is out and out and kindly people pick him up and call him Ted.

By the way, I still have my 1977 wedding dress. It fits me perfectly-ish, but when I put it on a while back I Iooked like Dickens’ Miss Havisham!

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