Now admittedly I have been conducting a campaign against sulphur crested cockatoos. Well not against the birds themselves, but against the artificial feeding of them. Over the past 15 years their numbers have skyrocketed in the Blue Mountains. They are now competing with other hollow-nesting birds here and vandalizing property by chewing wood. Watch out for your decking and your window frames. Oh, and your fruit trees might be stripped bare too.

Anyway, that is just to explain why I became a target of revenge. I was standing at my kitchen window in Blackheath today when a cheeky cocky landed on the branch above my little blue lantern. Now this was a real shock. It’s rare for one to dare visit me these days, because I shoo them away quick smart.

Hmmm. …..I don’t like that look in his eye;

I put the red ribbon up at Christmas and it looked so bright and cheerful that I left it there. I could see the wretched cockie eyeing it off. I tapped on the glass with my porridge spoon, ‘Hey…..leave that alone! Go away!” He (definitely a male) took not a damn bit of notice.

Oh good grief, he actually started undoing it! The nerve of him.

Cockatoo exactinghis revenge.

Well for heavens sake… now it’s gone!

Revenge achieved.

In a moment of generosity I wondered whether he wanted a red ribbon to woo a lady; not that I consider courtship an excuse for theft. However, when I looked around afterwards I found my deconstructed bow. He had discarded in an act of pure vandalism.

Do you think he cared, or was worried about my reaction? Not one iota. He just scared all the smaller birds away and perched on the birdbath smirking at me. Honestly, check out that expression. And it’s a wonder he didn’t tip the bowl over.

The smirk of amusement at getting his revenge.

This may have been the raising of his crest in victory!

Raising of the crest in a victory 'salute' of revenge.

Am I going to give up my anti feeding campaign? NO! Mind you, I hope this fellow is not planning a more drastic method of revenge …. and bringing along a flock of reinforcements.

By the way, I consider I was very fair and impartial in my original article about cockatoos. If you want to read it, CLICK HERE.

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