I was involved in a heated debate on a FB community site the other day. It was all rather pointless and a waste of emotional energy. In the midst of the fray I decided enough was enough and commented, ‘Well that’s it for me. I’m off to photograph birds.‘ I went to my kitchen window, where New Holland Honey-eaters had been cavorting outside in the birdbaths.

The honey-eaters had disappeared, but suddenly……..a little jewel alighted in the shallow dish I’d put out in the summer to allow bees to drink. It was a gorgeous Rose Robin, only the second I’ve recorded in my Blackheath garden in nearly 20 years. It reminded me of the beauty of my surrounding, and that there is much to enjoy despite the tragedy of the pandemic

These birds are talented acrobats, and can snatch insects from the air with ease. I also spotted one flitting among the trees at Govett’s Leap lookout years ago….well my Scottish visitors did. Isn’t that a cute white flash above the beak?

Rose robin arrives.

Showing off his profile;

There was a great deal of splashing and attempts at swimming. As is often the way, his spirit eventually outweighed his good sense. No, sweetie, do not dive into shallow water……oh dear. Splat!


To his credit he recovered quite well. No damage done.


Take a bow dear little Rose Robin. And yes, I will take a message from your unexpected appearance. In a time of crisis, we really should be kind and generous to each other, even if we strongly disagree. It certainly helps to engage with Mother Nature.

The Rose Robin takes a bow.

There was an additional ‘positive’ to the surprise visit. My young associate Editor Des has recently developed an interest in bird watching and went straight to Mr Google reference book to find out more. Once it has stopped raining he will be out trying to spot a nest. Not much chance of that though, as winter is creeping up.

Editor Des researching the Rose Robin.

FOOTNOTE – My dear nephew Rick Allen is doing it tough in lock-down outside Australia and has been using art to help pass the time. He adored my photos and produced this sweet drawing of the Rose Robin. I especially love the little feet, and that its breast resembles a heart. Stay safe everyone, especially you Rick. xx


We are fortunate to have several varieties of robins in the Blue Mountains. Another favourite is EASTERN YELLOW ROBINS

  1. Oh I loved reading of this. I live in Ireland and we have robins but I’ve never heard of a rose robin or a yellow one! Thank you for sharing this delightful story as we are all in isolation because of this pandemic.
    Hopefully we will conquer this monster virus soon.

  2. Pauline

    Thanks Lorraine, the little pink robin has struck a chord with so many people. Please stay safe in beautiful Ireland.

  3. Oh Pauline this is just so lovely. Adore your pics and lovely story. Thank you for your kind care brightening the lives of so many! Stay safe dear one. Kind regards, Denise.

    • Pauline

      That a such a sweet message Denise. I’m delighted that you enjoy my stories. You take care too my friend.

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