Honestly, it has been so damn wet in the Blue Mountains this summer, especially in Blackheath. Drip drip,drip, through the trees. It’s enough to drive you cuckoo….haha, that’s a joke because I am a cuckoo, a rather handsome brown one. šŸ¤£ Well I’m more dove really…..defo not the sort of cuckoo that takes over another fellow’s nest, which has led to my accommodation problem. I need somewhere dry until the damn sun comes out…. may be a while according to the birds that know about this stuff…. currawongs and cockatoos mostly. šŸ˜Ø

Now this property has real potential. It’s close to the village, but very private, which suits my retiring personality.

Yes, there’s a house behind me …unfortunately not finished though! Pretty good view over the garden from this deck if it wasn’t so foggy. Maples I believe.

Cuckoo dove on the balcony railing.

Woodwork seems sound. But the thing is I need a fully complete place – pronto!

Cuckoo dove checking whether the wood is solid.

Wow, what have we here? A rustic little B&B. Talk about convenient eh? In a native setting of Hakea and Grevillea…nice!

Cuckoo dove house inspection.

Attic space might be vacant. I wonder if I could…..

No, it’s very sweet, but just not big enough by a mile. What a damn shame!

This house is too small for a cuckoo dove.

Hmm, this one looks a bit more spacious. Occupied, and only one room if my understanding of ‘studio’ is correct, but there might be a spare bed if I ask nicely.

The cuckoo dove looking for a home.

Knock, knock…..

‘Yes, what are you selling? Because I really don’t want anything.

I’m not selling anything, honestly. Umm, this is a bit awkward., but…. would you consider a very quiet boarder, sorry…. non-paying guest? Just for a few days Mate, until the weather improves.

Cuckoo dove seeking asylum.

Oh alright, come in then, my name’s Bob..

‘Thanks. By the way, I don’t mean to be rude, but what are those funny things on your legs?

‘Knee pads, are you any good at building? I could use a bit of help finishing the house.’

‘Fair enough. Just one little thing Mr Bob, I’m vegetarian. Plus, bread is not good for me Could this be an issue?’

‘What?? No bacon sandwiches? You must be kidding! šŸ˜« šŸ˜Ø Well, I suppose I can find you some fruit and a few seeds.’

And so ended the search! šŸ¦…šŸ šŸ˜‰ A perfect solution for man and bird.


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