I have a bit of an obsession with miniature bicycles. It began at the West Ulverstone primary school when I was in grade five and fell in love with a boy called Lee Dunston. Lee had a wonderful green trike, which was designed as a pencil sharpener.

He used to give me those old-fashioned conversation sweets at lunch time, but it was really the trike I wanted.

Sadly, the wretched boy shifted his affection to Irene Anderson, after performing with her in a school play. πŸ˜₯ I looked him up on Facebook one day and was tempted to ‘friend’ him. I was going to ask if he still had the trike, and if so….could I have it? Of course I didn’t go through with it….what if he said he had given it to Irene Anderson all those years ago. I’d never get over it!

The little bicycle pictured below is the closest I can find to it.

As an adult I am still drawn to bicycles, especially miniature versions. I don’t actively collect them, but I do seem to have gathered a few.

This one was made from wire, by an elderly man near Sydney’s Central Station. Isn’t it clever?

Bicycle made from wire.

I bought this one from the Blackheath antiques centre for my associate Editor Des.

Off on his daily round of the garden..

We live in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales at Blackheath, where the main claim to fame is our annual Rhododendron Festival. I decorated Des’s trike one year, and it was very much admired.


Despite the rhodo festival success, Des has never been happy with his trusty (rusty) old trike, hankering instead after a red sports car (well, I wouldn’t mind one myself! ) or at least a two-wheeler.

I suggested he might settle for this red fireman’s bicycle. Far more practical than a sports car. We are prone to bushfires in the Blue Mountains. But no, he said he didn’t want to put himself in danger.

Bicycles were once used to fight fires,

It was when his girlfriend Milly was given a snazzy two-wheeler purchased in trendy Leura that he really felt hard done by.

Bicycles for Des and Milly.

When Milly wasn’t looking, the silly fellow tried to ride the new bike, but as you can see he is far too big for it.

Some bicycles are too small for a large bottomed bear.

He was last spotted leaving for Sydney in the hope of picking up a racing model at the spring sales. 😎


I think this is what he has in mind; a king among baby bicycles, guaranteed to make a bear’s heart beat a little faster.

King among miniature bicycles.

Now here is a sweet, gold-plated two-wheeler with a carrier basket and a battery operated clock set into the front wheel. It belonged to my mother-in-law.




  1. I agree, pencil sharpeners were a thing Pauline – there was the sharpener itself and who could ever forget the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil? It made you want to start work! Who still has a pencil sharpener of any sort let alone one shaped like a trike? Could you even buy one, novelty or otherwise?

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