Cash is dead… well on its knees anyway, especially change lower in value than a 50 cent piece. Like most people I now pay for almost everything with my credit card. Nevertheless, my partner Rob and I have accumulated dozens of two bob bits (20 cent pieces). What to do with them? They are far too heavy to lug around for tip jars in cafes; let’s face it you would need at least ten to show appropriate appreciation for a well made coffee.

My associate Editor Des heard Rob and I discussing this and he decided to make an executive decision. 🐼

I caught him upstairs in the study, busy with scissors, stickers and a pink post-it-note. He told me he was going to leave the money in the mini library up by the church hall in Wentworth Street.

Well Editor Des, I have to say I’m impressed by your decision to pass the change on to a child, even though I wasn’t consulted. 😎 A little person might play shops with it, or spend the dollars on marshmallows from Blackheath Creative. But here’s a thought, in the spirit of reading, it could be put towards a present from Glee Books.

There was someone else at the library when we arrived, so we had to go to the bakery and come back later. Des tried to pretend he wanted to be an anonymous benefactor, but the truth is, he is inclined to shyness ….. believe it or not.

While he was placing his box of change I noticed something wonderful. A dear person had donated a copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. My GP Louise recommended this book soon after it came out, but somehow I hadn’t read it. I call that serendipity.

By the way, it’s not the first time Editor Des has left change in the little library. Once he put in a pot of my gold. I just hope he doesn’t take it into his head to leave my credit cards there.

FOOTNOTE – What did we buy at the Wentworth Street Bakery? Berry French tarts, because there are still no Hot Cross Buns.

  1. I still use cash when and where possible, so still very much in use here in the UK. Loved that you found such as gem as Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I really enjoyed reading it, admittedly some time ago now!

    • Pauline

      Cash and red brick banks are almost obsolete here now, for better or worse.

  2. Editor Des has the nicest jumper on. From a knitter’s perspective, I am inspired.
    Yay for the Street Libraries movement. Go Editor Des.

    • Pauline

      Editor Des says thank you Josephine. He doesn’t really like the jumper though, because it has Teddy on it.

      • If he takes his measurements and sends them I’ll knit one with Editor Des on it.

        • Pauline

          Oh my word! He says thank you so much…and that he feels a bit sick with excitement.

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