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Presenting - Mr Editor Des!

Presenting – Mr Editor Des!



OK…to celebrate my  birthday I thought I would tell you  a little bit about myself.   I was actually born in China,  but I think my parents sold me ( I know, how could they part with someone so adorable?)  Boo hoo, they probably live in a zoo.  Well  I might try and find them one day.   Anyway,  on February 23  2000,  I was adopted by   Pauline Conolly and her husband Dr Bob, so I use that date as  my birthday. My darling godmother Vonnie told me I was born in the Chinese year of the dragon; which means my strongest character traits are; LUCKY, FLEXIBLE, ECCENTRIC, IMAGINATIVE, ARTISTIC, SPIRITUAL CHARISMATIC.  Explains a lot really.


I lived in Sydney to start with,  and the first  really exciting place I remember going was to was  the 2000 Olympic Games.

What was she thinking?? Can you spot me on the right?

What was she thinking?? Can you spot me on the right?

Yes, I was  very  embarrassed about  what Pauline wore, but what could I do?  My green and gold was far more restrained and  tasteful.

And after that we went to America and then to Europe lots of times. I always seem to be packing my suitcase. I wear my English jumper in the UK, except for during the cricket or rugby. Then it’s on with the green and gold.

How much more can I fit in?

How much more can I fit in?




Travelling makes me feel very insecure because I sometimes get left behind.  You know that baby who was left in a handbag at Victoria Station in the play by Mr Oscar Wilde?  Well Pauline pretended to leave me in her handbag when we were in London. Very funny…. NOT! When I do get left behind Pauline just looks a bit sad and says she will  have to replace me!  (yes..she does!) Dr Bob  glares at her and goes off to find me. He is such  a treasure.

Some people have a warped sense of humour.

Some people have a warped sense of humour.

My favouite food is porridge…natch! And puddings.

Enjoying puddings with my friend Little Jack.

Ready to eat  delicious  pudding with my friend Little Jack.

Yum! Take-away porridge.

Yum! Take-away porridge. I eat it wherever I am in the world.











My worst fault used to be smoking, but I’ve given up.  Otherwise it’s being disrespectful to a certain person.

I became an apprentice editor  at a very young age and now I want to be an author like Pauline (only much better, which won’t be difficult).  I’m writing an unauthorized biography of her. My girlfriend Milly is helping me with the research.

We found all Pauline's old school reports in here. Hahaha.

We found all Pauline’s old school reports in here. Hahaha.

Editor Des's biography of Pauline Conolly


Well I also help Dr Bob-the-builder quite a lot. You might say I have several strings to my bow. Oh #!*#$!, that’s a cliche isn’t it? And me an editor!

All set t help Dr Bob.

All set to help Dr Bob.

When I’m not working I like exploring the village  and  riding my bike down pres…precipitous paths in Pauline’s garden. I am utterly fearless, and never wear a  helmet.  I also like canoeing on the Thames when we are in England. No life-jackets of course, but Dr Bob can swim.

Down I go!

Down I go!


I can’t be bothered telling you anything else now.  It has been a big day, what with my birthday and all.  I wanted a motorbike or a  red sports car  but I didn’t either of those. Do you know what I got? A picnic basket! It’s quite nice…made of wicker . Those bottles of wine might only be cordial, but I’m  hoping not.

It was a bitter disappointment, but Milly does like picnics.

A  picnic on the lawn.

If you want to know any more you can contact me  on my Facebook page . Please give me a like because Pauline has so many more than I do and it’s not really fair. Click here

  1. Having read this, I have come to the conclusion that Miss Pauline has been suffering from work exhaustion. Please send her my best regards and hope she gets better soon

  2. Happy Birthday, Editor Des.

    What an interesting and varied life you lead. I also understand you are head cheerleader for the Bunnies.
    (What an amazing win this morning!)

    Big Daddy Pete and I are heading off to Hawaii in three weeks time for a wee bit of rest and recreation. You are most welcome to come along if you like. You could perfect your hula. Otherwise, you will be able to check in at fb.com/EJGoreAuthorpage to see what you missed out on.

    Don’t eat too much birthday cake or you’ll end up with a beady sore tummy.


    • Hello Erica,
      Thank you for your birthday wishes.The bunnies were beautiful!
      I would love to go to Hawaii but I don’t have a passport.
      I will check your page to see how you get on.xx
      My girlfriend Milly ate most of my cake, but I didn’t really mind because she is quite sweet. Love Des. xx

  3. Dearest DES. Whilst I am still a little bit dismayed over your recent transgressions ( I know – I said I forgave you, but I didn’t say I would forget about it ), I must admit to enjoying your writings today. You did at least admit to smoking and drinking ( tut tut ) and so I can appreciate your honesty in that regard.
    I am quite happy that your parents sold you, or you would never have been adopted by Miss Pauline and Dr. Bob. Think of what your life could have been? Oh my… It doesn’t bear thinking about ( excuse the pun – I couldn’t resist ) haha.
    I am glad that you had a wonderful birthday. Lots of love from Susan in Texas, USA.

    • Pauline

      Hello Susan…Do you wear a stetson? Haha.

      In time I hope you will wipe all my evilness from your mind. xx
      I wish I lived in Texas. But do you have to step over rattle snakes?
      I’m pleased you liked my biographical piece. Love Des.

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