Well  last week I went on a  holiday to Tasmania in search of two special little girls called Ellie and Ash.  My elderly guardians Pauline  and Rob are their great auntie and uncle.   I reckon this might make me their adoptive fourth cousin thrice removed.

OK,  so here I am in the plane from Sidney….sorry, Sydney.

I had a window seat.

I had a window seat.


That's Tasmania way down there.

That’s Tasmania way down there.

When we got to Hobart  Pauline  told me  the girls  live in a very cute little house that  used to be a chapel. It took a bit of walking about and driving in the car,  but oh look….I think I found it!


This might be the place.

This must be the place.










Now these little girls are very clever and sweet. They had made welcome cards for Paulie and Rob….and for me too of course.


Wot beautiful cards!

Wot beautiful cards!

They showed me some of their treasures and then we had a wander around their garden ( I am an excellent gardener myself)  We ate pasties and chocolate cake for lunch made by  Katey, who is their beautiful Mum. It was all most delicious. After that Ellie and Ash both wanted to have their photo taken with me. I don’t blame them, because I am really quite famous. Pauline says I shouldn’t  keep saying this, but it’s just the truth.


That's me on the right!

That’s Ash, with me on the right! On the left is a cheeky monkey!



Me and Miss Ellie...and a sweet friend.

Me and Miss Ellie…and a sweet wombatty friend.










I decided it would be nice to send the little girls a thank you card after such a special day, but I had to buy one.  Even though I am astonishingly clever  I’m not as artistic as they are.  Plus Pauline doesn’t trust me with scissors, which is a  terrible shame.

Ready to deliver.

Ready to deliver.









I sneaked back to their house and spent ages looking for the letter box.  Do you know what??  It didn’t have one! Rob told me there might be a hole in the door though. YES! I found it.   Is this a good idea Ellie and Ash?  Silly people could post slices of bread or pizza.  Or  pikelets and pancakes. Or even very flat apples.  And all the presents people send must have to be thin. Hahaha.

I found the letter slot!

I found the letter slot!









While I was waiting to catch the plane back to Sidney, sorry…. Sydney, I decided to learn how to colour in. Well if I get good enough I might send them a Christmas card made  by me myself alone.

I hope I can stay between the lines.

I hope I can stay between the lines.


Goodbye  Tasmania. Goodbye dear Ellie and Ashy, it was very exciting to meet you.  xxxxxxxxxxxxx   I think I love you nearly as much as I love Milly.



  1. Hi Editor Des,
    Your holiday to Tasmania sounded lovely. All those tasty cakes and having two lovely little girls for company. You must have really enjoyed your visit as you love to see unusual art work. That’s neat that all post has to be slipped through a slot in the front door. We have a central post box area for our complex. It’s next to the large club house. We can post mail in a box there also, if we have the correct stamp on it. There are 43 houses in our complex so it is a very nice place to live because we are enclosed by solid walls and gates. We have our own gardens and lawns. It is very quiet although we are nearly in the center of town. A big university is just down the street. WE are going on a road trip south in a few days. It’s about 1400 miles south of where we are at present staying at our son’s lace in Colorado.
    I love to hear of your travels.
    Heather Whipp

    • Pauline

      Editor Des here, dear Heather. You must live in a very special place. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Colorado to see your son. I would really love to go there one day. It’s a very long way for you to drive. Pauline says she wants to hear all about the trip too. xxx

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