Hello Dear People

Well because my vegie growing was so awesome, my guardian Pauline Conolly finally agreed to buy me a little greenhouse.


My greenhouse in a box!

The only trouble was  that she took the cheap option (what a surprise….NOT) and it came in at least 100 bits.  OMG!!

Good grief!

Good grief!














At first I was going to send it back, but  in the end my strength of character  preev…..preval……shone through,  and I decided to  give it my best shot.

It took me nearly all day to put the first ten pieces together. I did call out for help,  but nobody came (what a surprise). Things got a bit easier when I found a sheet of instructions. It was very hard to reach the high parts but I managed to clamber up. Climbing is in my blood.

My heart was in my mouth!

My heart was in my mouth!


It was nearly dark when I finally finished and put its green raincoat on  It was very tight and the zippers were a bit tricky.  Looked awesome though.  I pushed it into place behind my kitchen garden. Note my tomatoes in the photo below.

Greenhouse under construction

Looking good.

Next morning I went out to admire my handiwork. There was just one more thing to add. I needed a piece of paper and a red pen.  Aah yes….now it’s the perfect Ed Des Shed. No more hiding in the wood heap to indulge in my little vices. Hahaha.  Do you know what?  I sleep in there sometimes. Especially if  (when) Pauline is annoyed with me.

The final touch

The final touch




Bliss! A little sip and a puff before bed.






DesGreenhouse 003


















Good grief!  I’m afraid my greenhouse turned out to be what Pauline said is called. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.  Winter came  and after a couple of frosts the covering just disintegrated. I admit I cried for quite a while. What to do?  We had a family conference and  Pauline suggested we could use the frame to grow a passionfruit vine. So that’s what we did.

Passionfruit vine

Doing well.

Just look at the amazing flower.  The bees love the nectar..

Passion flowerwith bees

Photo-Research Gate

I wrote my name on the first fruit so the possums  and cockatoos would know not to eat it.



Editpr Des and his passionfrit

My very own.









Finally it was ripe and I was allowed to have it on a custard tart for my tea. So you see the story ended quite happily.

Edior Des and his passionfruit tart

Oh yes, delish!

Well did you know I have a FACEBOOK  page of my very own?  Just click here…..EDITOR DES    I AM TRYING TO GET MORE ‘LIKES’ THAN PAULINE, PADDINGTON AND POOH!!



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  1. Excuse me Des – I put most of it together & that’s my whisky you’re drinking!!

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