My superb portrait by artist Mardi Storken
My superb portrait by artist Mardi Storken


Well, I read somewhere that lots of people eat fish on Good Friday, so I asked my guardian Pauline to make me a rod. I thought I knew where a rainbow trout might be lurking.  It was a bit hot  when I ventured out and I couldn’t find my cap, so I needed a  sun bonnet. I found a little kerchiefy thing in Pauline’s bottom  drawer and managed to  make a really good one. Here I am landing my fish.

Landing my first fish
Landing my very  first trout.

To my great shock, when I took it inside for Pauline to clean all she was interested in was my  bonnet. She was so annoyed with me. She said, ‘DESMOND, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM? DO YOU REALIZE WHAT IT IS??’  Well of course  I didn’t have the faintest idea.  She whipped it off my head and undid the knots.  Turns out it was some rare, royal memento from when the Queen visited Tasmania in 1954.   Honestly, it just looked like an old  hanky to me.   It will be OK if she irons it anyway.

Royal memento
A bit crumpled, but never mind.

She does over react sometimes. Well I had to clean  and scale the trout myself. Oh my word, what a horrible, smelly  job. I won’t be doing that again!

We put my fish in the freezer for later. Pauline seemed to get over her crabbiness and a few days later she even took me up to the village as a treat. While we were in the antiques centre she plonked a ridiculous hat on me. She said, ‘Here’s the perfect Easter bonnet  for you, Editor Des.’ It was called a retro  fascinator, and cost a bomb! Before I could get it off she took my damn photo.

Oh yes, very funny!
Oh yes, very funny!

She was just getting her own back I think.  We went off and had coffee together, and made up. She’s not a bad old soul really. It must be hard for an elderly woman to have a feisty fellow like me to look after. I took a selfie.

Oh dear, I cut Pauline's head off.
Oh dear, I cut Pauline’s head off. What a shame.

We decided to create lots more Easter bonnets when we got home. Here are a few pics. Hope you like them.

Formal floral for a young lady.
Formal floral for a young lady.
A fascinator made from a Mountain Devil flower.
A fascinator made from a Mountain Devil flower.
The chocolate heart bonnet.
A chocolate heart bonnet.

Even little Miss Wombat got an Easter  bonnet of sorts.  The whole thing turned out to be lots of fun really.

Miss Wombat in her succulent style bonnet.
Miss Wombat in her succulent style bonnet.

Oh yes, and my fish cooked  up a treat. (used the clay bake method)  I ate it with all my own produce, and an egg laid especially for me. I was going to invite my girlfriend Milly, but I only had one  fish. And one egg. Never mind, I’ll try to catch two trout for Easter Sunday.

A fish dinner for one.
A fish dinner for one.

Guess what? This is the perfect Easter Bonnet for Pauline Conolly!  Because  everyone knows she’s as mad as a Hatter. Hahaha.

BayTreeMtDevilDesMadHatter 011
My girlfriend Milly and me with last year's eggs.
Ooh, there were lots hidden in the flowers.
We had to find our eggs first though.
We had to hunt for  our eggs last year.

Here is a lovely song by a lady called Miss Judy Garland. Put on Your Easter Bonnet.

May the dear old  Easter Bunny be good to you all. Goodbye. xxxx

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  1. Lovely bonnets from the cheeky chappie!

    • Pauline

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Ann, especially after the recent problems!! Des is most appreciative and so am I. xx

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