Kookaburra Crisis!

Editor Des

My superb portrait by artist Mardi Storken

A story about birds by me, Editor Des


Do you know what?  A  kookaburra  called Toffee visits our garden every day.  At first I was a bit scared of him, I thought he might start pecking  my fur off for his nest or something. Also, I once had a scary  encounter with some  other big Aussie birds called sulphur crested cockatoos.  It left a few emotional scars on me, little Jack and my girlfriend Milly (that’s her in the pink stripes).



You lookin' at me?

You lookin’ at me?

Anyway, I  decided that the only thing to do was to confront  Toffee and let him know that I am the boss of Pauline Conolly’s  garden…..and that’s that! It was the scariest day of my whole life. Well, except when I was left  behind in a London hotel.

Funnily enough, Toffee seemed quite a nice fellow, so I thought the others might like to meet him.  Little Jack ran away and hid, but Milly  agreed.   She wasn’t COMPLETELY keen, but I am very persuasive.

At first she hid behind me, and just peeked over my head.  Thankfully there was no terrifying kookaburra laughter  or she might have freaked out.


Kookaburrra with Editor Des and Milly

Milly meets Toffee from a safe distance.

Next day  I suggested she stand right  in front and say ‘Hello  Mr Toffee Kookaburra’, when he arrived.  Oh dear, it was a disaster. As soon as poor Milly said hello  he  looked her right in the eye…..and she fainted dead away!!



Poor sweet Milly. The kookaburra got such a fright that he quickly apologized and flew off to his favourite gum tree. Looks a bit ruffled eh?



I tried to revive Milly, but she was all floppy and white in the face. In the end I had to go and get my tricycle so I could take her inside.

Trikambulance to the rescue.

Trikambulance to the rescue.

Wake up!!

Wake up!!








Luckily Pauline wasn’t home or  might have been in big trouble (again). Not that it was really my fault of course.   I put Milly to bed and gave her a nip of my whiskey. That seemed to do the trick.

Dr Des.

Dr Des.








Oh well, as Pauline always says ( or was it Shakespeare?)  All’s well that ends well. Except…..now there’s two!!


Kookaburras at Blackheath

Toffee and mate Taffy.


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