Buds of Hot Chocolate
Editor Des

My guardian Pauline Conolly grew a special rose called Hot Chocolate. ‘Come and smell it Des’ she said. So I did, just to make her happy.

Editor Des smelling Hot Chocolate rose.
It did smell like hot chocolate I think.

I took a deep breath of the perfume and then…wham!! A  *#@!*!*# bee stung me right on the nose.

It was truly horrible. Naturally I showed admirable bravery though, because that’s just how I roll. My girlfriend Milly took the stinger out.

Editor Des and Milly
Nurse Milly to the rescue.

I can’t help wondering if the sticking plaster was strictly necessary. Made me look a bit silly.

Editor Des bee sting
Oh Good Grief


Do you know what? A few days later that  floribunda Hot Chocolate rose produced a crimson bloom with white flashes. Completely different to all the others on the bush.  We could hardly believe our eyes. I think Mother Nature  felt sorry about the bee sting and made something wonderful just for me.

Hot Chocolate rose with sport.
Parent and offspring.

Yes, it was a new rose! Pauline said it’s called a ‘sport’.  She has named it Editor Des. (I asked her to, just quietly.) Well I think I might have somehow pollinated it with the help of that bee, so it’s only fair really. Just think, one day I (well my rose) might be exhibited at the Royal Easter Show….or even at the Chelsea Flower Show. A gold medal winner for sure, wouldn’t you say?

I would say ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ , but that’s a cliché and I’m an editor. You would never hear me utter something so trite.

The Editor Des Rose
In all its glory.

As for  the bee sting…..all is forgiven. I love roses now, especially my very own one. Pauline says it won’t be official until I proper…propagate it and register it, whatever that last bit means.

Anyway, I have planted a cutting in a little pot. I’ll keep you posted.

EXCITING UPDATE   March 3 2018………My rose cutting has struck! Can you see the new foliage by Froggy’s knee?

Editor Des strikes his new rose.
Oh wow!

SEPTEMBER – 2019 OK, it’s in the ground now, surrounded by other roses and a circle of pink petals. You can’t see them, but there are tiny new season shoots.

Des and his own  little rose.

By the way, I used to have a thriving kitchen garden.  Click here and see what you think.

Oh… last thing. I have my own facebook page. Please help me get more likes than Paddington and Pooh.

  1. May I borrow Editor Des? He’d love it here, lots of birds and possums to play with… I would ask just one thing of him, that he takes the time to smell the roses..

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