As with most Australians, the  ubiquitous Weber bar-b-que was part of my life for many years. And yes, it even produced our Christmas turkey on a couple of occasions.

Weber bar-b-que

    In all its glory
Turkey in the Weber

The Christmas bird.

But somehow we lost our passion for bar-b-ques and the old Weber was retired from service. We tried to sell it at a garage sale, but nobody showed any interest (even when offered for free or thrown in with a  $10 purchase.).  It sat around for another year or so.  Then one day  I had an idea  (well I may have stolen it from another gardener) and asked my partner Rob to deconstruct it.

Re-cycling a weber.

Work underway.

The bowl became a herb garden. Still that food association. Roast pork with rosemary and oven baked potatoes perhaps?

Wber herb garden

Herb garden and Editor Des’s prize potato.

The cover was transformed into  a garden planter, filled with pansies, and ajuga.

 Weber Bar-b-que garden

The cover in bloom.

Vertical garden anyone? The bowerbird certainly admires it.

Recycled weber bar-b-que  cover.

Anything worth stealing here?

But what to do with the wheels and base?  Hmm my associate  Editor Des’s birthday was approaching. Oh yes, a trailer for his bike might be the go.  The result was quite something in my opinion. Rob even included match fueled turbo burners for extra oomph.

Weber bar-b-que recycled into trailer

Ready to light the burners

As a birthday present it was  pronounced a huge success, especially as Des was venturing into the market gardening business.

Recycled Weber bar-b-que trailer

Bringing in the harvest.

Recycled Weber trailer

Perfect for transporting a pumpkin

Admittedly there were a few problems when Des tried to take the trailer ‘off-road’.   I think his girlfriend Milly feared for her life sometimes.

Editor Des and his Weber cart.

Hold on Milly!

The pair ventured down to Sydney on vacation at one point. Good grief, is that a cigarette in the wretched fellow’s paw?

Editor Des off on holiday.

Off on holiday.

Give up the smokes, or the Weber trailer will be confiscated, we told him. And do you know what? The threat  worked.  He still takes it to  the local supermarket. See below….this looks like an Easter shop to me. Great that Colesworth provide smaller parking spaces.

Weber bar-b-que trailer

So handy for shopping.

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