Paulie Conolly's autumn jacket

In my autumn inspired ‘coat of many colours’.


No matter what time of year, the walk up to my local  Blue Mountains village of Blackheath is a delight. I always have my little  point and shoot camera in my pocket.  Without fail there is something worth snapping, and it’s an excuse to rest occasionally as I climb  the hill.

So off  I go,  down the drive past the letterbox. It’s a bit chilly, better put on a coat and scarf.

Maples at The Gums Blackheth

The maples have lost most of their leaves

Which direction shall I take today,  left or right? Right I think.

Leaves are decorating an old WWII wheelbarrow, made during construction of an air-raid shelter in Sydney. It was a gift from my ‘top side’ neighbour.

Autumn carpet t Blackheath

I only have to look up and there are birds feasting.

King Parrot in the mples at Blckheath NSW

The king parrots love autumn nuts and maple seeds.














Crimson rosella and tulip tree seed.

A delicious breakfast of Tulip Tree seeds,

Just a short walk along the lane and I round the bottom corner of our garden;


Corner of The Gums at Blackheath.

Seedling maples doing well. Old fence looking a bit wobbly though.

Next it’s past the local duck pond with its pretty autumnal reflections. The  native wood ducks always  swim over to me hoping for a handout, but I have a ‘no feed ‘policy (well I might weaken if a small child is with me.)


Blackheath duck pond,

I love the seasonal changes visible in the pond

A few more steps and I’m in Memorial Park and passing the wisteria pergola, or it is pergoda?

Wisteria arch in Memorial Park Blackheath.


I emerge into the top end of Gardiner’s Crescent. I’m not sure which is prettier on this Japanese maple, the trunk or the foliage.

Autumn in Blackheath NSW


On the other side of the street is an avenue of ornamental cherry trees, Many of Blackheath’s cherry trees were planted by local residents.  How pretty those autumn flowering camellias  look against the white fence below the trees..

Cherry trees in Blackheath NSW


Autumn flowering camellias in Blackheath NSW

Pretty as a picture.









Now it’s  into Govett’s Leap Road,  and from here its just a  short walk up to the shops. Still some original old cottages looking their best under colourful trees.


Old cottage at Blackheath NSW

Idyllic behind the picket fence.

I cross Wentworth Street, where tourists are still snapping photos of the liquidambars.

Tourists in Wentworth Street BlackheathWentworth Street Blackheath

Visitors enjoying the ambiance of Wentworth Street

First stop for me in the village is often  the Victory Antiques Centre (originally a picture theatre). I may be some time in here, looking for pill-boxes among other things.


Victory Antiques Centre Blackheath

Photo-bombed by  Editor Des, a bear I know quite well

I enjoy a coffee at various cafes in my wanderings, but I do have a soft spot for Altitude, because they sell wonderful Melting Moments. They  remind me of my mother.

A Melting Moment at Altitude in Blackheath

Sorry, messed up the coffee art before I took this pic.

I’ll leave my walk home for another post, but  I complete a circle;  down past the Community Centre, across Wentworth Street, past the start of Inconstant Street (funny name eh?) then down the hill  back to The Gums.


The Gums Blackheath

Home sweet home

NOTE – There was a strong wind today, which removed most of the autumn leaves. Winter is nigh.


  1. Such a pretty part of the world that you live in. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. How lovely it was to go on the Autumn walk with you. Each decorative milestone on the way enlarged your expressive text with a photo. I was there with you; and now, I rest awhile until you post the remainder of the loop towards ‘The Gums’. I particularly liked the way you increased the Autumnal atmosphere by wearing your superb lined cloak, or is it a coat? As the walk extended, I could almost feel the breeze collecting the leaves and tossing reds, browns and yellow shapes into the air around your feet. The coffee stop came at just he right time so that we could rest for a while before continuing on our way. I liken it to sipping a small citrus palette teaser between dining courses so that each taste experience can be indulged to the max..

    • Pauline

      Thanks for your lovely words, Heather. Yes, I was wearing a coat made by my late mother-in-law. I do love little Blackheath.

  3. What a delightful walk you’ve shared with us. I loved the old cottage which was similar to my brother and family’s home in Fremantle.

    • Pauline

      Thanks so much for taking the trouble to leave message.

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