Hello, Editor Des here,

Well I was walking up to the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival  today when I spotted  one of my neighbours selling home made lemonade. It was opposite the swimming pool in Memorial Park. Actually Fergus was minding the shop while  the prop, propri…the owner Luke popped home for something. 

Lemonade stand.

Oh yes, a very nice drop.


Lemonade for sale sign

Fine bit of sign writing. Yellow for lemons…get it?

$1.50 a cup; very reasonable I thought. I was their very first customer. Look at that wonderful barrel. It was  sort of like being at a pub, not that I go to them of course.

I loved their money tin, too. My guardian Pauline Conolly had one like it when she was little, so it must be an antique. Well yes I know it’s upside down; that’s  for ease of access.

Editor Des with old money bank.

Wow, I can see paper money.

Had a fun time at the Festival. They had mystery bags of lollies for $1. And mine even had an icecream with a cherry on top.


Editor Des at the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival

Oh the joy.

I wanted to congratulate Luke on his enterprise (isn’t that a good word?), so I called in again later. Was he there? No he bloomin’ well wasn’t. Fergus said he’d had to pop home and make more juice. The poor young lad must be exhausted. Apparently he had been up until the wee hours the night before, juicing lemons and grapefruit.


Called in yet again and still  no sign of the wretched boy. For heavens sake!   Oh, but wait….suddenly a head popped up a few metes behind the stand. YES, it was him! I must say he did look a bit weary around those blue eyes.

His stock was being kept chilled in an esky, down by the water channel. How very clever.


Keeping everything cool.

It was quite hot so I bought another drink for my other guardian, Dr Bob. He was at home building our house. A fair bit  of it had gone by the time I handed it over. I’m sure I only had a few sips, so maybe I spilled some. Anyway he was very pleased.

Well when the boys are at school I might set up a stall with my girlfriend Milly. I’ll probably sell milkshakes though; more profit margin in them I suspect. And also, I love them.

Editor Des and his milkshake.

Mmmm, delish. I could charge $5 each.





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