Hello, Editor Des here.


Editor Des


Well I like visiting medical museums.  In fact,  I quite fancy myself as a doctor. Last year I  performed  a little operation  on my neighbor  Fred, after he  carelessly lost a second  leg. It was reasonably successful.


Dr Des in sugery

In theatre.

These  museums  can be a bit scary though.  Just look at this unfortunate bear (or bears) I spotted them in an institution  in Newcastle, England.  Oh my giddy aunt! What went wrong there??  And in the gift shop they had bits of people in tins! I bought some for when Milly and I play hospitals (she wants to be a nurse).


What an unfortunate bear!

What an unfortunate bear!

Editor Des

Milly is good with bandaids.

Ready for transplanting Nurse Milly.

Ready for transplanting Nurse Milly.

The scariest place  of all was  The Wellcome Trust in London.  My guardian Pauline Conolly took me here when she was doing some research.  She said this exhibit was  a warning not to eat too much. Oh  good grief, I had to run away and hide. I know I’m a bit rotund, but honestly!

I'm only eating half a bowl of porridge from now on!

I’m only eating half a bowl of porridge from now on!

There is another medical museum in Worcester, and crikey….you wouldn’t believe it. They were cutting off a man’s leg and I think the poor chap was awake!

It won't hurt a bit!

It won’t hurt a bit!

And then there was a place where you could  stick your hand in and feel a mystery object.  Uggh….I think I touched a BRAIN.


Do I dare???

How gross!

There was a smirking  man  on duty who made me do a special exercise and I could hardly get up the steps. It was so embarrassing; he said I was a candidate for an early heart attack.  But he didn’t take into account  my very short legs,

Oh good grief!

Oh good grief!

Do you know what? Now that I’ve written all this  I’m not sure I’ll bother with any more creepy museums. Pauline can go on her own.






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