Editor Des the photographer


Introducing myself…Editor Des.  After a bit of training I’m  now a master bird watcher in the beautiful Blue Mountains.  I was originally banned  from this pursuit by my guardian Pauline Conolly, because I kept chattering and scaring  Mr  Satin Bowerbird.  For heaven’s sake, they can’t even hear. Have you ever seen a bird with ears? It would just look ridiculous.

The big-eared bird

Hahahaha… a rabbit bird.








My girlfriend Milly was given permission  to watch, which upset me even more.


Milly watching the satin bowerbird's ower.

Lucky old Milly but no Mr Bowerbird! Oh, wot a shame.

I had to attend classes on how to behave appropriately. For heavens sake!


Editor Des

A bit humiliating.

Anyway, I finally passed the exams. So *!#*#! #*!  hard.  I had to sit for an hour without uttering a word.  Never mind, here I am in position at the bower. Finally! I thought I would give Mr Bowerbird a  spring flower to present to his next lady visitor.

Satin bowerbird's bower

What a treasure.

Look, he’s spotted it. I bet he’s delighted. Go me! I’ll be Mr Bowerbird’s best friend.


Satin bowerbrd rejects a daff!

Excuse me, I don’t like yellow!

Hang on! the silly fellow threw it away.


Oh my goodness. look where it ended up. Honestly, that bird could be a discus thrower in the Olympic Games.


Satin bowerbird rejects a dffodil

Hurled right out!

Hmmm. It appears bowerbirds only like blue.  I’ll have to study more bird books I think. There’s such a lot to learn.

Editor Des studying birds of the Blue Mountains.

Wow, very interesting.

Ah, here we are on Page 54…… The Satin Bowerbird.

See that? YELLOW! I feel vindicated.  You know what? I think our satin bowerbird needs some re-education. I picked a  daffodil for Milly. Bet she loves it, and me. Haha.

Editor Des and daffodils.








  1. Did you know that most birds can’t smell but they have holes as ears so be careful talking behind their backs Des!

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