Most visitors to this website are familiar with my associate, Editor Des. His dear friend Milly lives in his shadow somewhat, but today she ventured out with me on my Covid19 walk. The ducks were as content as ever down by Blackheath’s Memorial Park.


The playground is out-of bounds, but you can still climb a tree.


We had to call at the chemist in the village, which had some new, rather intimidating rules for customers. Milly was a bit worried, because she was out of breath after running up Wentworth Street. She had to stand quietly on the step until her chest stopped heaving. I think she was worried that Martin the chemist might think she was poorly and not just puffed out!

Oh dear, poor Milly wanted to have scones and jam in a cafe as we usually do, but of course that’s not allowed at the moment.

Milly enjoys a scone with jam

On the way home we saw a touching thank-you to essential services workers. Milly asked to have her photo taken with the men, because she wants to say thank you too. And so do I. Well, we all do!

Milly joins in a thank you to pandemic essential service workers.

Not surprisingly, she was feeling a little down about things at this point, but on we went.. Then suddenly, she heard music wafting from a cherry tree in Park Avenue. It sounded like an Irish folk song, being played on the accordion by the cheeriest character you could imagine. She sat on a branch with him for a while (at a proper social distance) while I checked my phone (only joking…NOT). He made us both feel a bit better. Where he came from I have no idea, but bless his heart.

Milly meets a busker.

Milly picked some autumn flowering camellias when we got home. Flowers are a great solace. Much to her joy they matched her dress. She says that all things considered, the ‘brave new world’ in Blackheath isn’t so bad after all, but she hopes everything will be back to normal soon. Please stay safe everyone, much love from me and Milly…..and Editor Des.

Milly poses with autumn camellias.
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  1. Gotta love Millie! And Des, too, of course. Love your photos and how you use Millie in them.

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