So for the first time, our resident Wonga couple have left their chick June in a ground nursery and enjoyed a little outing together. They can’t stay away too long, because June needs regular feeds of ‘milk’.

I was amused to see Mrs Wonga taking time out to have a little bathe in the winter sunshine. Ah yes, feels so good on the wing.

Then off they went down the drive, Mr Wonga leading the way.

Watch out for the puddle at the bottom, it was pouring here overnight.

Now I can understand the dear couple wanting to spend a bit of quality time together, BUT….. it doesn’t take much to give Mr Wonga romantic ideas. An hour or later and there he was on his wooing bench again, calling and calling his mate. Oh for heaven’s sake! He was supposed to be busy foraging.

My photo is not the best. It was late afternoon by now, on the shortest day of the year.


His partner pretended she couldn’t hear him and eventually he gave up and hopped down. I don’t blame her reluctance one bit. Let’s face it, one baby out of season is bad enough! Wongas are meant to have their chicks from October to January, when it’s warm, not in the middle of winter in the Blue Mountains. We have very heavy frosts here in Blackheath and the odd snowfall. It’s all a bit of a puzzle, as is the whole world right now.

CLICK HERE for the story of our couple’s little chick, June.

  1. Thank you Pauline for your delightful Wonga stories.

    • Pauline

      My pleasure Lyn. I do love birds, especially the entertaining Wongas.

  2. I enjoyed your story Pauline.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Fran. It’s kind of you to leave a comment.

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