My associate Editor Des feels he is defined by his jumper, which is the item of clothing he has worn almost constantly throughout his 23 years (no pants, and only rarely a hat). Unfortunately he has always hated having TEDDY across the front; excruciatingly juvenile he believes. Plus, people he meets when we are out and about tend to call him TED, instead of DES. Well I understand his annoyance.

Editor Des loves honey. He is wearing his old jumper.

Anyway, he confided this to a lovely Tasmanian lady called Josephine Carswell recently and she generously offered to knit him a new jumper. Reflecting my own family connection to Tasmania it was to have a Leatherwood flower motif on the back. Yes, the blossom we have to thank for providing us with that world famous honey.

The back of Editor Des's new jumper.

We did some measurements, allowing for any increased corpulence in the future. I’m afraid Desmond was completely uncooperative during this exercise so it took a lot longer than anticipated. I had to resort to certain threats, but at least the strategy worked.

Des being measured for his new jumper.

So then it was simply a matter of waiting until Jo’s work was done and the postie arrived. Good grief, Des sat waiting for long that his bottom went numb on the cold letterbox. I had to find a little cushion for him.

Waiting for the postie to deliver the new jumper.

Oh the excitement when it arrived. He whipped off the old and pulled on the new. A great fit.

Look, it’s the colour of golden Leatherwood honey. Pretty smart don’t you think?

It even came with washing instructions. So thoughtful.

Mind you, Des thought that laying flat referred to him. 😍 We don’t get much sun here in the Blue Mountains, but….

Editor Des soaking up the sun  in his new jumper.

Don’t get crumbs on your new jumper Des or it will be into the washing machine with you. A napkin would have been a good idea, or a little plate.

Don't mess up that  new jumper Des.

There was such a sweet card included with the jumper. Clearly Miss Jo is a lover of honey bees;

A message from the knitter, Miss Jo.

Editor Des; ‘Yes Miss Jo, bees are magnificent…unless one stings you on the nose!

Editor Des with bee sting
B*#^*Y BEE!

The card itself is by a talented Tasmanian artist called Kristy Burgess. Here is her website. The site is called ‘Far into the forest art.’ How appropriate.

A special card came with Editor Des's new jumper.

Oh my goodness Des, what do you think you’re doing?? Put that match out immediately. You will still need your Aussie green and gold jumper to wear on major sporting occasions. Remember…. the Ashes are coming up. 🏏 For heavens sake….we nearly had ashes of your old jumper!

Des about to burn his old jumper.

OK, anything you would like to say to the kindly Miss Jo, Desmond?

A grateful Editor Des.

Wow, did you make that card yourself Des? ‘Yes, I did.’ 💛💚’

  1. Editor Des

    Thank you for your thank you. I can see how much you appreciate the forests.

    • Pauline

      We both love the forest Josephine. Editor Des was born in one, though we are not sure exactly where. And I always loved the bush behind my parents’ Tasmanian farm.

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