My guardian Pauline Conolly and I were digging a hole for a little maple a few weeks ago when we found buried treasure…and that’s no yoke, I mean joke (sorry) .😛 It was hidden under dirt and decaying leaves.

The mystery egg.

Pauline told me it might be one of those ‘thousand year old’ eggs they sell in Sydney’s Chinatown. Apparently they are a culinary delicacy.

Or it could be a miniature version of the extinct Elephant Bird’s egg …. like this one our friend Errol is holding. It had an auction guide of £50,000. Sadly, it’s unlikely to be one of those beauties.

Oh well, might as well see what it tastes like. I was boiling some water when Pauline said;

You won’t need to cook it Sweetie, because it will have been preserved by the passing of time’. ‘Oh, and don’t clean it, that encrustation is part of its allure.Really? Sweetie…so patronizing.

I was just about to get a spoon to crack the top of the egg when she said. ‘Wait! Pop up to the study and look at the date, Des.’


Oh very funny…not!

OK, it’s not very exciting, but we think the egg came from our neighbour Rick across the laneway. He keeps chickens, but they might be descended from Elephant Birds for all I know. Perhaps it was stashed in the undergrowth by a thieving crow, or more likely by a wretched fox.

The egg stealing egg.


I think this gift may have been an expression of regret over a very stupid prank by a certain person. However, it needs to be a very much larger egg before I can forgive.

A chocolate egg in apology.

For example, this speckled brown one would be acceptable. It’s nearly as big as Errol’s Elephant Egg. Its scientific name is, I believe, Ferrero Rocher. 😁

Speckled chocolate egg.

Happy Easter everyone. 🐤🐣

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