Desmond, aka Editor Des, has been sitting at the woodheap bird watching with his mate Bob Banksia; full name Mr Robert Banksia Serrata. They have been hoping to see the arrival of the blue wrens. No luck so far and I think the tension must have led to a bit of a quarrel. Des ended up face down in the dirt. He should have remembered our Australian author May Gibbs and her tales of ‘big bad banksia men.’ Their aggression is legend, and it lies just below the surface.

May Gibbs drawing of a Banksia Man

One swipe of Bob’s serrated green foot and Des was lying face down in the dirt.

Desmond came off second best after an argument with Bob Banksia.

Oh for heavens sake, look at your face. Time for a consoling cuddle, an early supper, then into the bath.

Into the bath Desmond.

Look Sweetie, here’s a warm towel thanks to Mr Rob installing heated towel racks. Oh, I nearly missed those suds on your sore nose.

Desmond drying off.

OK, hair and teeth now please Desmond. What on earth have you done with your toothbrush? No, it is not in your bathroom bag. And no, you cannot use your paw. For heaven’s sake, I’ll have to lend you mine. 😨

Desmond after his ablutions.

Alright, now into bed. Goodnight my poppet, I hope you don’t have nightmares. Just wondering….are you still going to be friends with Bob?

Desmond after a nasty encounter with Bob Banksia.

No, he’s just a big hairy bully.’ 😰 By the way, I’m cold in here.

Fair go, how can you be cold with that fur coat?? Go to sleep!


I didn’t think Des would be keen on returning to the woodheap, but off he went straight after his porridge with a bit of a glint in his eye.

As I was making the bed I looked out and saw him grab Bob by the fellow’s thin green legs.

Des pulling Bob Banksia off the seat!

Next thing they were both on the ground and Desmond had forced his adversary into submission. 😎 Atta boy! Now make him apologize.

Des extracts revenge on Banksia Man.

And do you know what? He did, just before he ran away! πŸΌπŸ‘

I don’t like to promote violence on this site, but sometimes…..

Here are some of Bob’s cousins, who live locally. Wow, I hope they don’t gang up on Des.

Here is the leader of the pack, Flash Jack…..OMG!

Banksia man.
Good grief!

Good fences create good neighbours.

For more information on Bob’s family, CLICK HERE.

  1. Hi Pauline,

    This is a great story about Editor Des!!. You have a very strong skill in making these up.


  2. Delightful, Pauline! Des is lucky to have you looking after him.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Megan, he thinks I’m lucky to have him!

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