OK, eyes down, gardeners and nature lovers!

I know there are wonderful carpets of blossom in spring,  but autumn is definitely the  main period for appreciating Mother Nature’s work. It’s one of the main reasons I moved from Sydney to the Blue Mountains nearly twenty years ago; those clearly defined seasons. 

Carpet of leaves
Retro 1940s on my tiny lawn.

The larger leaves of one of the maple trees beside our driveway always provide the best display.

Carpet of maple leaves.
I think one of my aunts had a design like this in her sitting room.

Colours are intensified after rain. This path really caught my attention on ‘matron’s rounds’ one morning.

Maple leaf path at Blackheath
Passage ways are transformed.
Tulip leaf path
A golden path of tulip tree leaves.

Here are the  fallen leaves of the cherry trees forming carpets  in Park Avenue.

Carpetof cherry tree leaves.
The cherry tree carpet.

The leaves below are from an American pin oak.

Oak leaves
A suptle blend of oak.

Ash  leaves  are quietly beautiful.  These are from a tree  in our local park.

Autumn leaf carpet
Ash leaves

Dried pin oak leaves are, well….perhaps a reminder of brown carpets in old boarding houses.

Pin oakl eaves
Hmm, a bit drab.

The addition of cherry leaves makes a big difference.

I feel I should end on a brighter note, here is a buttery spread of tulip tree leaves outside my kitchen  window.

Tulip tree leves in Autumn

And just a bit of fun. Little Miss Milly Muffet  sat against her tuffet   It’s actually a pine mushroom.

Crimson maple leaves.
A red carpet for Milly.

I leave most of my fallen leaves to compost themselves wherever they fall.  Such a great, free source of mulch.  A bit of hasty raking on the driveway when visitors are expected is all I do. I would be sorely tempted to burn them if it was allowed, but of course  that’s just environmental vandalism. Instead I just hurl them onto the garden beds.


How sensible nature is.  The leaves slowly decompose, and spring bulbs are nourished.

Spring bulbs pushing through.

What a stunning patchwork quilt for my associate, Editor Des.

Editor Des in the autumn leaves
A night under the stars

As I write, a breeze has sprung up and there are leaves flying all over the place.  It’s a sign that winter is well on the way.  Never mind, the fragrant daphnes will be flowering soon.

  1. Such beautiful pictures. I love the autumn colors, but I’m much happier knowing that spring is already here in Canada. Though it doesn’t feel like it today. I’m not sure what the temperature is, but the wind has been blowing hard through my window. I’ll be glad when the warm weather is here to stay and the flowers and leaves are all out. 🙂

    • Pauline

      First coolish morning today, but now warm and sunny. I hope I can visit your beautiful country one day.

  2. I hope you are able to come some day. There is certainly a vast area to visit. If you ever come to South Western Ontario, let me know and maybe we can get together.

    • Pauline

      We both live in a vast country. Yes, would be great to meet some day.

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