‘Hello, Editor Des here. After a nasty bout of pneumonia I am back in the saddle! Pauline has been inspired to write a blog about disturbing  movies. She didn’t say why.  My vote goes to Kung-Fu Panda. I found it creepy because the main character, Po, was

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A Mother’s Love Expressed in Reading Aloud.

Fifty five  years ago I was a wide eyed, sharp eared kid growing up on Tasmania’s North West Coast.  One weekend my mother and  I visited her brother’s family in a nearby town.  Over afternoon tea my aunt  described an incident that had taken place a few

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Queen Victoria – A statue and a scandal!

Queen Victoria - A statue and a scandal!

UPDATED AND EXTENDED AUGUST 2017 A  ROYAL REPLICA Early last century John Norton, firebrand editor of Sydney’s Truth newspaper, described Queen Victoria rather unkindly as; ‘..the podgy figured, sulky faced little German woman whose ugly statue at the top of King Street sagaciously keeps one eye on

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Here is a  guest blog from my friend, neighbour and fellow writer, Virginia. THE TUG OF A TERRIFIC TITLE by Virginia King The Great Gatsby has become a household name, especially after Baz Luhrmann’s recent movie version of the classic.  It’s the published title of F Scott

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 SCHOOLGIRLS IN EXILE My  book, The Water Doctor’s Daughters,  is the  biography of a dysfunctional family,  but  it is also Victorian  era true crime.  It centres on the case of French born  governess  Mlle Celestine Doudet.  In 1855 the governess was tried over the deaths of  her

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Dr Marsden on Malta – Prelude to the Paris Trials

  An author’s fascination for a subject does not end once the book in question has been published.  My great  hope was that the release of  The Water Doctor’s Daughters would  produce new information.  There were undocumented periods in the lives of the chief protagonists that  I

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It’s an extraordinary thing having two very different books published in one year, and  it would be  quite impossible for me to choose my favourite. My first, The Water Doctor’s Daughters, has a special place in my heart due to its content.  I became so emotionally involved

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The Mysterious Case of the Queen’s Oak at Hurley Lock!

  HOW IT BEGAN After the launch of All Along the River I received  a  message from  a friend and ex-neighbour at Harleyford.  Jo wanted an extra copy of the book as a gift for a friend, so Rob and I promised to drop one in.  We

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ALL ALONG THE RIVER: TALES FROM THE THAMES  was released on July 31 by London publisher  Robert Hale.   Rob and I celebrated with lunch at the Show Boat, moored by the river at  the Harleyford  estate just outside Marlow.  It was owning a lodge in this glorious

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Sydney Launch of The Water Doctor’s Daughters

  THE GENESIS OF THE LAUNCH I hadn’t  considered  a separate launch for The Water  Doctor’s Daughters in Australia, but a few  months ago a generous  offer came from  Sydney’s  Ashfield  Library to do a book signing.  It was to be part of their very popular  ‘Authors

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